Data Operation Language Icons

I have been through an endless number of applications and I have never seen a set of icons that I really liked to represent data query, data definition and data manipulation in SQL. Finally, I decided to create a convention of my own.



I attempted to come up with a clearly distinct image for each operation. I also would like to apply these foundation icons consistently to create a complete set of DQL, DDL and DML icons. For example, below is the set of icons for operations on databases:




The same applied to tables:




And to columns of tables:




As you can see, the metaphor is consistent and communicative. I will be working on more icons for future posts.






One Response to “Data Operation Language Icons”

  1. pinaldave Says:

    Good article, Interesting.
    We are also using the similar for our local logic diagrams.
    Only difference is that we are using *(star) for SELECT rather than box.

    Great mind thinks alike!
    Pinal Dave (

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